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Sarah Jane
Sarah-Jane Menato runs her own Gloucestershire-based coaching and training consultancy. She offers personal and professional coaching to individuals and groups, specialising in working with women to define success on their own terms and build lives of balance and fulfilment.

Sarah-Jane is committed to supporting individuals and groups as they identify and integrate core values and express them in everyday life. She has twenty-five years of experience inspiring people to take a stand for the quality of their daily lives and their communities.

A graduate of The Coaches Training Institute’s Advanced Co-Active Coaching Program in the US, Sarah-Jane is also trained and experienced in Dr M. Scott Peck’s Community Building Model and a graduate of The Community Facilitation Program. She has a Counselling Certificate from the University of London’s Birkbeck College and is an experienced Open Space Technology facilitator.

Sarah-Jane is a catalyst for individual and organisational change, supporting and encouraging the creation of nurturing environments where innovation can take place. Sarah-Jane has deeply integrated skills in community relations, group leadership and facilitation. She brings passion and dedication to her work.

Having lived and worked in a number of different countries – America, Europe and South Africa - Sarah-Jane has developed cultural versatility, enabling her to quickly establish meaningful rapport with clients and create a supportive context within which change can safely take place.