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What is Coaching?
Coaching is a one-to-one relationship between you and a skilled and experienced Coach. You and your Coach talk at regularly-scheduled times, usually weekly. This is an absolutely confidential and trusting dialogue.

Coaching is a very powerful framework within which you achieve the results and sustain the changes you want in your life. Your Coach supports and champions you while at the same time holding you accountable for what you say is important to you.

With Coaching you will:

• Bring greater focus, depth and balance to your life
• Gain clarity, insight and tools to move forward towards your goals
• Make successful transitions, personally and professionally, within a safe context
• Make personal and professional choices with assurance
• Be heard, supported and challenged
• Engage deeply in the process of everyday living
• Define success on your own terms
• Achieve the results you want
• Have both your dreams and your practical reality taken seriously.

How does Coaching work?
The way in which people choose to use Coaching varies. Generally, after an initial conversation to ensure Coaching is right for you, weekly sessions are scheduled on a regular basis. Each session lasts fifty minutes and takes place in person or by phone.

The coaching relationship is a process. You are invited to commit to the relationship for at least three months if you really want to make changes and begin to see results in your day-to-day life.

There are times when a stand-alone double session can work very well. For instance if you:
• Feel the need for some reflection
• Are at a crossroads and need to make tough choices

A standalone session can give you the opportunity to stand back, gain perspective and plan specific next steps.

When could Coaching help?
At important transitions in life, the opportunity to stand back can make all the difference. If you are retiring, getting married, starting a business or just starting again, Coaching can ensure that you make the very most of major life changes. This is true whether you’ve chosen the specific circumstances you find yourself in, or not. A Coaching Session can be as close as you can get to having “hindsight” for choices you haven’t yet made.

Coaching testimonials

Working with Sarah-Jane has allowed me to evaluate my life at this specific moment in time. I’ve learned practical ways of making important decisions and implementing change. Most importantly, I have come away with powerful tools I can use in the future.
Debbie, author

Sarah-Jane’s positive and engaged style has been great for me. At a major change in my life, working with her helped me become really present to what’s around me in a very powerful and alive way.
Mark, musician

Sarah-Jane is so aware of how women have multiple roles and responsibilities and how this adds value to their lives, family and society. Sarah-Jane challenged my preconceptions and encouraged me to be independent yet supported and nourished. Most of all Sarah-Jane helped me think on my feet and motivated me to take full ownership of my future.
Ann, therapist

Working with Sarah-Jane I was encouraged to think more deeply and reflect on troublesome situations from totally different perspectives. Her amazing capacity to be both challenging and nurturing has allowed me to make changes to deeply-rooted beliefs I was unconscious of holding that were unhelpful to me. Working with Sarah-Jane has been a truly rewarding experience, at many levels.
Alison, Finance Director

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