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Mel WakelyCotswold Women in Business is a successful community collaboration offering inspiration and practical support to women who want to find out how to start and run their own businesses. “Cotswold Women in Business” is supported by three schools, Chipping Campden, Farmor’s in Fairford and Tewkesbury. The collaboration is run by Sarah-Jane Menato of SJM Coaching and Training who designed and delivers the programme.

Course at Chipping CamdenCourses deliver not only business skills, but structured support for participants. Consideration is given to complex issues such as how to balance important caring responsibilities (such as being a parent) with running a business. The emphasis on this balance is one of a number of features which distinguishes this programme from other existing business start-up programmes.

Session at Farmors School In addition to offering a sound grasp of basic disciplines such as marketing and finance, the programme boosts personal and professional confidence. It helps each woman to define success on her own terms, to see her life as a whole and build a business that has her own unique priorities embedded its foundation.

For women who have an idea for a business but aren’t sure if they have the right skills and wonder how it could fit with their already busy lives, the programme is a unique opportunity to explore and risk-assess the whole picture in the company of other like-minded women.

Courses and workshops run throughout the year in friendly and accessible locations around Gloucestershire. Cotswold Women in Business offers:

• One-Day-Taster Sessions where you can put a toe in the water and find out more about what’s involved in starting a business
• Comprehensive Business Start Up Courses to get you up and running
• Next Steps an intensive boost for women already running their own businesses
• Workshops that include: Legal Surgeries, Tax Workshops, Marketing Workshops, IT Clinics, Time Management, Effective Networking and more

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One-Day-Taster Sessions for Women Considering Self-Employment

Price:             £12.50 per person or £20 for two if you bring a friend!

Time:              9.30am to 2.30pm

Date:              7th December 2016
Venue:           Chipping Campden School, Chipping Campden, GL55 6HU

Starting and running a business may be easier than you might think. This workshop is an opportunity for you to put your toe in the water, explore what’s involved and see for yourself just how easy it can be to set up and run your own business.

If you have a business idea, a hobby you’d like to make money from, or are simply wondering if you’ve got what it takes, this event will help you decide whether or not you want to take yourself and your ideas seriously. In the company of like minded women you will have a lot of fun and explore topics that include:

• What is an Entrepreneur?
• Why choose self employment?
• What are the skills and qualities of an entrepreneur, and have you got what it takes?
• Work-Life-Balance and your vision of your future.
• Business Plans. What are they and who are they for?
• You as your best marketing resource.

This flexible workshop will help answer your questions and support you in exploring how self-employment might work for you.

For more information or to book a place
Email: sjm@sjmcoachingandtraining.co.uk or Tel: 01386 701868
Thinking of Starting A Business?

A Comprehensive Course For Women Considering Starting A Business

Places are available from £99.00. Women who can contribute more are invited to do so with a suggested payment of £200. The real cost of each place is £525 per person.

Time:              9.30am to 2.30pm one-day-a-week for 8 weeks

Date:              Wednesday 18th January 2017 every Wednesday to 15th March (with a break at half term on 15th Feb)
Venue:           Chipping Campden School, Chipping Campden, GL55 6HU

Places are limited to 8 participants so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Starting and running a business takes not just an idea but motivation, time, energy and skill. This is an opportunity to explore what’s involved and see for yourself just how easy it can be to set up and run your own business. If you have a business idea, a hobby you’d like to make money from, or are just wondering if you’ve got what it takes, then this course is for you. In the company of like minded women you will have a lot of fun and explore topics that include:

• What is an Entrepreneur?
• Why choose self employment?
• What are the skills and qualities of an entrepreneur?
• Work-Life-Balance and your vision of your future.
• Business Plans. What are they and who are they for?
• You as your best marketing resource.
• Managing paperwork, finances and what the tax office need.
• Legal matters
• Time Management

This highly engaging and participatory course is comprehensive and specifically designed for women. The course runs one-day-a-week over a 9-week period. There is no session over half term week.

For more information or to book a place
Email: sjm@sjmcoachingandtraining.co.uk or Tel: 01386 701868
Next Steps

A course for enterprising women who have set up their own businesses


Dates:           2nd November – 30th November 2016 - Wednesdays only

Venue:          Red Lemon HQ, Camperdene Gallery, High Street, Chipping Campden, GL55 6AT

Time:            9.30am –1.00pm

Price:            £595 (£325 non-profit rate) includes group work and an individual coaching session

Next Steps is for women who have already registered a business and want to re-view, re-focus and re-new. The course has a focus on better understanding your product/service and your customers. This means marketing! Taking part in Next Steps you will:

• Put you and your business on a more professional and secure footing
• Grow your existing business and get new clients
• Ensure your work remains in balance with your other priorities
• Have a one-to-one session with me to work on your specific needs (for example strategy , features and benefits, business model )
• Learn more about use of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc)

Here’s what Debbie Sarjant said about Next Steps: “This is a chance to focus on the development of your business, plan for the future and move things on. It’s a chance to be with other women running small businesses and learn from their experiences. It reminds you what your business means to you and gives you practical selling and marketing tools. You will leave feeling supported and energised to take the necessary Next Steps.

Janet Barbour said: "The opportunity to FOCUS on what I am doing and where I am going was absolutely invaluable at this stage. I really benefited from a small informal group and learnt so much from every individual.”

Next Steps gives you jargon-free motivation and direction, a chance to review what you have already put in place, and gain specific tools. As the driving force in your business, you’ll benefit enormously from group support and a fresh professional overview. You will be given the time and space to develop a strategy to grow your business and reach more customers. This hands-on, practical course will be highly interactive. While it will require you to work hard, it will also be stimulating, fun and encourage you to accept new challenges.

For more information or to book a place
Email: sjm@sjmcoachingandtraining.co.uk or Tel: 01386 701868
"Stepping In"

~Successful Leadership Models and Practices~
A Practical, Hands-On Workshop for Women in Business


Date:             Wednesday 5th April 2017

Venue:          Blockley, North Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

Time:            9.30am to 2.30pm

Price:            £65

About Stepping In
Successful and entrepreneurial people recognise the value of developing their personal skills to maximise their business potential and lead their enterprises forward. “Stepping In” is an opportunity to “up skill” and gain powerful tools and insight to support you to:

• Show up in their full authority, authentically, and on their own terms
• Make strategic decisions that move your business forward
• Communicate in ways that ensure opportunities aren’t missed
• Build healthy environments within which everyone can contribute and flourish
• Skilfully and clearly hold conversations that are challenging and creative

What Stepping In Offers

The workshop is delivered in two parts:

The first part presents and teaches “Four Fundamental Leadership Stances” that will enable you to identify and step into your own leadership strengths. You’ll access untapped resources and potential and clearly see how to develop your individual leadership skills to raise both your own performance and inspire others.

The second part of the workshop provides practical, hands-on learning on how to use the model to communicate effectively and act powerfully, immediately. Participants will practice using the model and leave the workshop with tools that can be used straight away.

This highly participatory and interactive workshop is powerful, insightful and practical.

Your workshop leaders are: Sarah-Jane Menato who runs her own Cotswold based coaching, training and leadership development consultancy alongside Cotswold Women in Business. Sarah Rozenthuler is a leadership development consultant and published author. Sarah coaches and facilitates at a senior level for clients including BP and the World Bank across Europe, Asia and the USA.

For more information or to reserve a place on the workshop, please contact:
Email: sjm@sjmcoachingandtraining.co.uk or Tel: 01386 701868

Cotswold Women in Business is proud to have supported many amazing women in the development of their businesses and ideas. These women include:

Alison Harmer www.danceofdelight.com
Amy Sturge www.rosabellarose.co.uk
Ann Donovan Teron http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Special-Box
Audrey Curnock www.education-unlimited.co.uk
Camilla Peake www.sezincote.co.uk
Carol Welch www.carolwelchtherapy.co.uk
Caroline Andrews www.confidenceforriders.com
Catherine Nelson www.woolsoft.co.uk
Chrissie Bass www.sewinginthecotswolds.co.uk
Christine Clark www.houseofsmocking.co.uk
Debbie McGreevy www.aukward.com
Deborah Wyatt www.debrajwyatt.co.uk
Denise Wrathall  www.access2education.co.uk
Deirdra Rowles www.minsterflowers.co.uk
Flavia Harte www.harte2heart.co.uk/
Gitte Pedersen www.gitte-pedersen.co.uk
Fiona Perry www.fionaperry.com
Jane Bartlett www.janebarnettmassage.com/
Jane Eayres www.farmcoteherbs.co.uk
Jay Haigh www.paperishly.com
Janet Barbour www.janetbarbour-paintedinteriors.co.uk
Jennifer Gillespie www.by-the-book.co.uk
Judith Burt www.executype.co.uk
Julia Medhurst www.positivereflexions.co.uk/
Julie Dove www.thestonecottagecompany.co.uk
Karen Wones www.mintmosaics.co.uk
Kate Barry  www.katejbarry.co.uk
Karine Kermous ​www.akk-mobilemarketing.com
Kay Julian www.welcomespace.co.uk
Liz Quarterman www.flythekite.co.uk
Louise Bowles www.louisebowlesphotography.com
Louise Pocock www.louisepocock.com
Margaret Sadler www.corethread.co.uk
Meriel Swain www.merielswain.co.uk
Nicola Slowey-Hall www.sloweyhall.uk
Nicola Leyland www.travelcounsellors.co.uk/nicola.leyland
Rachel Bloxham www.morethanjustamouthful.com
Rachel Coyle www.online-marketing-swindon.com/xoxo
Rachael Tapping www.pinkblueandyou.co.uk
Rowen Lewis www.rowanblossom.co.uk
Sally Gill www.sallygillflowers.co.uk
Sarah Constable www.inkwellmedia.co.uk
Sarah Mitchell www.merrygoroundandround.com
Sharon Callcott www.fairfordchiro.com
Sonia Hiley www.cotswoldangel.co.uk
Susie Maiden www.qbee.co.uk
Sue Harrison www.purrfectcattery.co.uk
Sue Heady www.headycommunications.com
Sue Rew www.suerewmosaics.co.uk
Sylvia Morris www.theshakespeareblog.com
Vanessa Willes http://mangleandwringer.co.uk/
Vanessa Rigg & Keyna Doran www.creative-cows.com
Yvonne McKenzie www.digestiblenutrition.co.uk

Some of the wonderful people who contribute their time and expertise to Cotswold Women in Business include:

Gill Bryan     www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/libraries/bis
Dan Colwell     www.danielcolwell.co.uk
Rebecca Denyer     www.redlemoncreate.com
Tom Prater     www.broadmark.co.uk
Nicola Slowey-Hall     www.sloweyhall.uk

Many thanks to you all,

CWiB testimonials

Previous participants have said:

Sue Nixon: “The course was phenomenal. I have gained confidence, and a wealth of knowledge.”

Sharon Callcott: “I have a focus now and a direction to move in to make a success of this venture. We all left today feeling that we had been empowered to move ahead and that our ideas and contributions were valuable.”

Ruth Wright: “I am near to banking my first £1,000! Everyone says I look well, self employment obviously suits me. I have some delightful clients and I can't tell you what a relief it is not to be an employee. I am building up my hours and from May onwards I will be committed as fully as I want to be.”

Fiona Perry: "Sarah-Jane’s energy, enthusiasm and encouragement are second to none and you can’t fail to come away from her courses inspired and fired up with a desire to succeed. Her realistic approach is refreshing and she doesn’t pretend that running your own business is easy. This is countered with her genuine belief that once we tap into our potential, the sky’s the limit. I am in my fourth year of trading with an annual turnover that is steadily growing and has exceeded all my expectations."

Suzanne Lomas Smith: “I joined the course as a way to meet new friends after 6 years living overseas. I met a group of creative, capable women and, with guidance and support, learned how to move my business idea from a woolly place in my head to a concrete reality. I would not have achieved this alone. The course, in manageable bite-size tasks, steered me through all aspects of creating an effective business of my own. Cotswold Women in Business is an invaluable local resource. I am very grateful to have taken part in such an effective training programme!”

Julia Medhurst: “The course was empowering and very supportive without letting me get out of the challenging bits! It made me dig deep and move out of my comfort zones”

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